10 Reasons Why Sacrificing Yourself Isn't Noble

1. Depleting yourself only holds you back from your purpose and your highest path. It blocks you from being able to move forward.

2. Helping others from a place of lack doesn't really help them or you. Once you take care of yourself and get where you need to be, then you can help so many more people easily without depleting yourself.

3. Your kids and others around you will pick up that pattern and deplete themselves as well and it just continues on down the line. They will think that's the way it has to be. Do you want that for them?

4. Getting caught up in other people's drama only distracts you from your path. We are all responsible for our own stuff. Don't waste your energy on other people's drama then you both will be stuck. So many think that they don't have a choice and have to get sucked into the drama around them but you always have a choice, remember that!

5. You must be on solid ground first. Once you are then you can start helping those still in the water. If you aren't on solid ground first you will get dragged into the water as well.

6. We are all one so when we sacrifice ourselves we sacrifice everyone else too.

7. Anything you do out of obligation will only attract more and more obligation into your life. Getting out of that pattern is important. Remember you don't ever HAVE to do anything. Obligation keeps us from our path.

8. The goal is to get yourself to a place where you are fueled and fulfilled and living your purpose so you have extra vital force energy to give. Once you are fulfilled you can help so many others easily without sacrificing yourself and can make a bigger impact.

9. You cannot be your true self if you are sacrificing a part of you. We are whole beings and when one part of us is sacrificed it sacrifices the rest of us too.

10. You deserve to experience your full self while on earth, that's why we are here. When you give that up you can't fully do what you came here for and you will have to try again in your next life.

Please nurture yourself first. You need that oxygen mask on yourself first before your child or you both will be in trouble. You are a divine being, treat yourself that way!

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Trusting Your Intuition

How many times have you got a feeling about something and ignored it only to kick yourself for not listening? Everyone has intuition but most people don't trust or listen to it. Once you really start to trust and listen to it, it will grow and grow.


I know you may think to yourself. “How do I know if that's just my mind playing tricks on me?” The key is the more you use and listen to your intuition the clearer it will get. Think about those times when you wished you had listened how did it feel when it came to you?


Our higher self and our spirit guides are always sending us messages and clues but you must make a point to pay attention. Start really paying attention and looking deeper and you will be amazed with what you can do.


Trust that you have so many answers within you and start really listening! Frequent meditation is also very helpful to open up your intuition. Meditation helps to get rid of unnecessary and racing thoughts and helps the messages come in clearer plus so many other benefits.


When you hear that voice inside you, listen to it and pay attention to how it feels. You have so much more power and answers inside you than you realize. Start opening up to it and see the difference it makes in your life.


I want to see you grow and prosper and stay on the right path for you! We all have all the power in our lives, nothing just happens to us. Our choices whether in this life or a past life lead us to this very moment. The good news is if you aren't happy with where you are there is always at least one choice and action you can take to get closer to where you want to be. Those choices may not be easy so that can stop some but those choices are your path to having the life you want and abundance in all areas. Just one small choice at a time can lead you to where you want to be.


Remember we are always in control of our lives, no one else, no matter how far away it may seem from that in the moment. Everyone has the opportunity to go on their highest path possible in this lifetime but you must choose to take it and use all the tools available to you. Your intuition is one of your most valuable tools so don't ignore it!


You have so much inside of you that you can unlock to help you! Are you ready to turn that key and start listening?


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Tips to get on your highest path and live your best life!

  Before we come to earth we choose things we would like to learn and the karma we would like to settle from past lives. Once we get here we have free will so it is ultimately up to us to follow through and do that. Our spirit guides do their best to help guide us and keep us on the path we chose before earth. Our spirit guides are always giving us signs and nudges towards our highest path for this life but it is up to us to listen. For instance maybe you try to do something that's not right for you and first you will get a tiny nudge to tell you that's not right. If you don't listen to the nudge and keep trying, it turns into a rock then a boulder then a brick wall. That is your spirit guide trying to tell you that's not right for you.


  Everything that happens to us is because of our choices whether in this life or a past life. Nothing ever just happens to us. Once we realize that, we can start to see that we truly have control and can choose to make our lives exactly what we want.


 There are many different paths we can choose to take in our lives but if we listen and pay attention then we can take our highest path. We are all meant to be abundant and happy but it's up to us to take the action towards it. It may not be easy but there is always at least one choice we can make and action we can take to get on a better path.


   Remember that your life is completely in your control no matter how much it may feel otherwise! Here are some tips to getting on your highest path available:


  • Listen to your inner self and center yourself as much as possible. Our inner self is always helping us out we just need to make a point to listen!  Meditation is very helpful with that.


  • Take the time to pay attention to those signs, don't ignore them! There is always a deeper meaning in everything so take the time to look deeper.


  • The intention behind everything you do is very important. Really look deep at the intent behind what you are doing. Are you doing it to get back at someone? Are you doing it to stroke your ego?


  • Pay attention to the lessons that show up in your life. There is always at least one lesson showing up for you to learn and grow from at any point in your life. If you can see it and learn it the first time it will prevent it from showing up in your life over and over. When it has to repeat over and over it usually comes in the form if a harder struggle each time to get you to notice.


  • Set intentions for what you want in your life. If you don't set intentions often it's like you're going through life aimlessly waiting for something to happen. Our spirit guides want to help us create the life we want but if we aren't clear with our intentions they can't help us with it. Also the more intentions you set and prayers you send out, the stronger our prayer and intention signal becomes which makes it easier and easier for them to come to fruition and are taken more seriously. If we don't make clear what we want it can't happen.


  • Always think about what you do want not what you don't want. If you focus on what you don't want you are giving it energy and more of that will show up in your life. Our thoughts create and show the universe what we want. If we focus on things we don't want we are going to make it happen over and over. Really pay attention to what you think about and talk about. Don't give what or who you don't want any energy. When something happens that you do want celebrate it and maybe do a little dance or something and show the universe that you want more of that! Take time out to say thank you for what you do want! Make it clear that you want more of it in your life!


  • It's a good practice to write down at least 5 things you are grateful for a day. That shows the universe you are grateful for what you have and opens it up for more to come into your life. For those of you that think you don't have anything to be grateful for there is ALWAYS something a roof over your head, hot water, water, food, legs, arms, vision, hearing etc. The more you focus on being grateful for what you do have the better.


  • In order to get what you want you have to take action towards it. Nothing will just happen you must take physical action towards it. This can be scary sometimes but it's always worth it. So many people think over and over about something they want but never take the steps to actually get it. Don't let fear stop you from creating the life you want! It is NEVER too late!


  • Enjoy yourself! We are here to experience ourselves in the physical form make it an enjoyable experience! So many people worry too much and take things too seriously. One of the most common things I hear from spirits is that they wish they didn't worry as much and that they enjoyed themselves more.


  • Stay in the present moment. So many people let things pass by without fully experiencing it. Be present in each moment.


  • Don't stay anywhere longer than is good for you out of guilt or for any reason. This includes relationships jobs etc. It's important for your Soul to learn and move on and to not get stuck in a pattern that is not good for you. There is always a better choice. It may not always be easy but it's worth it.


  • Don't ever bother with revenge or punishing someone for wrong doing. Karma will take care of it and if we seek revenge we only add to our karma.


  • Love yourself and know that you deserve the best! Let go of any guilt or insecurities. Don't let the past hold you back. Release yourself from that chain so you can move forward.


  • Always be yourself. Changing who you are for someone else will never allow you to move forward.


Choose your highest path available to you and experience your life the way you want to in the best possible way for you! If you feel you need some more guidance towards that I can't help you pick the best kind of reading for you! My goal is to help everyone to get on the highest path available for them!


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When Our Loved Ones Cross Over

Those that cross over are more of themselves than they were on earth, not less. They leave their body behind but the rest of them stays intact. When one crosses over for the most part it is a joyous event for them often compared to a graduation. They have worked hard and finally achieved their goal so they can go home. They have finished that particular journey on earth and can leave their heavy body and pain behind. 

Our souls do not want to be on earth any longer than we need to. We come to earth to learn and grow and experience ourselves in a way that we can't on the other side. On the other side our oneness with everyone is much more prevalent so in order to experience ourselves on a different level we go into separate bodies. This way we can differentiate ourselves from everyone else. We learn about who we are compared to everyone else. This is a tool that helps us to grow and experience our true soul even more. 

Earth can be hard with physical pain and karma etc. but once we cross over it's a peaceful release. When we are sad and hurt that a loved one has crossed over it can hold them back and cause them guilt. Here they finally are home and free but watching those on earth hurt and broken because they crossed over can be hard for them to deal with. 

I know it's easier said than done but try to celebrate their life and the good times you had with them. Nothing is ever promised so be thankful for the moments you did have with them no matter how short. Focus on the good memories and remember them that way, not on how they died. They are so much more than the one day they died. 

They want you to be happy and to move forward with your life. In so many readings I have often heard them explain it that they left for vacation early and that the rest of their loved ones will catch up with them later. 

Most spirits seem to spend more time with their loved ones after they cross over then was possible while on earth. So they are actually with us even more and have not left us at all. They can hear and see everything. Whenever you talk to them or think about them they immediately get the message almost like a text. 

They want so much for their loved ones to be happy not to stay stuck or sad because they graduated and got to go home. They want you to thrive and create wonderful new memories that they can watch and smile about. 

Just remember that you absolutely will see them again and the separation is only temporary. Once you reunite again it will be like no time has passed. Create new happy times for them to look down on and celebrate with you not guilt or sadness. They finished their journey but don't let that stop you from finishing yours. 

They are with you when you need them. I know it can be so hard to deal with loss with only a vague earthly perspective but for them going home is a beautiful and blissful time. They have it easier because they can still see and hear everything. They long to be with their loved ones again and will continue to watch your journey on earth unfold. Make it a happy one for them to watch! 

They do get frustrated and try so hard to communicate but most on earth miss the signs. Pay attention deeper and you will start to see the signs they are desperately trying to send you. Make the most of your life and know they are still with you. Earth is only temporary and we will eventually return home to see them and when we do it will be like no time has passed. 

There is so much to convey about the other side that can't fill one blog post but bit by bit I will share with you what I have learned from and about the otherside over the years.