Hello! My name is Kristine.

I'm a psychic medium and an advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and I enjoy giving readings that will help people.

Wondering just how can a psychic medium reading be for real? Especially since you are not even sitting in front of the psychic medium, or in the case of myself, you don't even talk to the medium, because I send you your reading by email? 

The other side is very organized and you don't need to be any where near for the spirit guides to relay the information to me. If you could see how powerful this really is and the amount of insightful, very helpful information that comes across through me you would no longer be a sceptic, you would be amazed!



I am a psychic medium and enjoy being able to help others with my gift. My first memories of my abilities were when I was five years old but I had varying degrees of abilities over my life. During my teenage years I was embarrassed by it and tried to ignore it. I was in two car accidents in one day and ended up bedridden for almost ten years. During that time my abilities grew..


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