Soul Realignment, House Clearing and Chakra Reading Bundle


Soul Realignment, House Clearing and Chakra Reading Bundle

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Soul Realignment:

Want to know who you are at soul level? If you aren’t living aligned to who you are at soul level you cannot become abundant in any area of your life.

Want to know what is stopping you from living the life you want and remove those obstacles from your life? A Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing can help anyone no matter where they are on their path.

So many don’t know who they are and if you don’t know your soul gifts and use them you can never have abundance in your life.

Everything in your life right now, good or bad, is because of choices you have made whether in this life or past lives. Nothing just happens to us, we created it ourselves.

The great news is by knowing what changes to make we can create exactly what we want in our lives. Even though some of these choices may have began in previous lives you are still making them in some form or they wouldn't still be affecting you. This will help you to see the choices you have made in any life that are still affecting you right now. Once all the blocks and restrictions are cleared it will be easier for you to move forward if that's what you want to to do. During the reading I will access your Akashic Records which are records of every choice you made in every life and see what is still affecting you. Once everything is cleared they will be removed from your record and as long as you don't make the same choices in the future they will not come back. This would be great for you if:

*If you feel stuck

*If you feel like something is holding you back

*If you have no motivation

*If you want to be cleared of anything holding you back even things you aren't aware of

*If you want to know your purpose

*If you want to grow spiritually

*If you want to know your primary life lesson

*If you want to know your soul specialization Our soul specializations constitute a certain skills set for which our souls are innately designed. Our soul specializations tell us what gifts and talents are inherent to the way our soul was made by the Divine.  

* If you want to find out how many spheres of protection you have left and replace any of them that have been depleted (most of us depleted them all in previous lives)

*If you want to find out the percentage you are connected to your higher self subconsciously and consciously.

I will find and fix any damage to your golden web.

I'll remove any negative spirit guides that are holding you back. Sometimes when we go through hard times our soul hires a guide to help us hide or disconnect or something like that. That may help us make it through that time but then for the rest of our life we now have a guide helping us do something that's not good for us unless we get them removed. Once they are removed if it's appropriate a new better guide will come in and replace them. 

I will remove any curses, vows, contracts, spells etc. that are holding you back, most people have them from previous lives and don't even realize they are holding them back. For instance if you made a vow of silence in a previous life in this life you will have trouble speaking and standing up for yourself. If you made a vow of chastity in a previous life it may cause you to be infertile in this life etc.

I will fix any soul facet damage which can really affect us.

I will remove any stalking, attached, partially possessing, and fully possessing entities from you.

A lot of people are traveling to negative astrals in their sleep which affects their sleep and causes nightmares, insomnia and an irregular sleeping pattern etc. I will stop that from happening.

I will remove any negative energy influence.

I will remove any negative unjustified karma from you.

I will find out if you have been soul shifting and stop that from happening.

I will tell you who you are at soul level. I will do and help all those things plus so much more in a Soul Realignment Reading and clearing. This is a super in depth reading that takes me about 3 hours to do. So many of my clients' anxiety and depression is now completely gone because of this reading, it's truly amazing. 

Over many lives we make choices that bring us away from our divinity, away from how God created us, this brings you back that, back to your divine blueprint. When you stray away from who you are at soul level your whole life can be out of whack. These are really in depth readings and can really get to the bottom of what may be holding you back. If I described everything this would be pages long. Each reading is unique to the person. It can also be truly helpful to get a reading for your kid to clear them before they get out in the world and their blocks and restrictions hold them back. If I had this done as a kid it would've saved me a lot of trouble! As the parent it's also great to know who they are at soul level which will help you in raising them. The kid must be over 12 weeks old first. Some with autism etc. can be helped a lot by this if they have certain soul facet damage, clearing that can make a huge difference.

I am a fully certified advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and the picture of my diploma is on the about Kristine page. Most Soul Realignment Practitioners charge anywhere from $300 to $1000 a reading. It is recommended to also get a house clearing when you get a soul Realignment Reading. After your reading you will be at a higher vibration but your house will stay the same so it could be a little uncomfortable for a bit if you don't. I do have another option with a house clearing bundled in for less. This reading has changed my life in such a short time and so many others lives. It just keeps working throughout your life and gets better and better.  It makes making the right decisions easier and making the wrong ones harder. It brings more spiritually abundant opportunities your way. You still have to make the right choices of course but without all the blocks and restrictions holding you back and knowing what they are it makes it much easier. It's time to remove all the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back!

House clearing: I will clear anything negative from your house including: entities, portalways earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, any negative charged objects in your house and any negative thought forms in, directed at, or created about your property. Don't worry this will not get rid of crossed over loved ones. I also will settle any issues if it's on a burial ground, battle ground, or sacred site. This is very helpful to have and things in your house will go much smoother. It will also be very helpful when selling a property or just moving in etc. 

Chakra Reading and Clearing: Our chakras are energy centers in our body that help to regulate all of its processes, from organ function to the immune system and emotions. In this reading I will check each level of all 8 chakras and at each level (physical, emotional and mental. I will explain what the levels mean and what it means for your life and what changes are recommended. I will also clear them. After clearing it's important to make the needed changes. Having chakras being off for a period of time can lead to disease so learning about them is important. 

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