Here Are The 5 Most Important Things You Must Do To Attract Love

Are your actions attracting love or blocking it from your life?  

Are you doing the 5 things that must be done to attract love?  Find out here: 

  1. Love yourself. 

This may seem cliche but it is so important. If you don't love yourself or you are always putting yourself down you will only attract those that won't truly love you and that will also put you down. 

How you treat yourself will be directly reflected in who you attract to you. Learn to admire yourself and be confident! 

Don't compare yourself to others, love your amazing qualities! Confidence attracts love. Think about it do you want someone that is insecure and down on themselves all the time? No, you want someone that is confident! If you aren't confident in yourself, no one else can be either! 

Work through any insecurities you have and know that you are exactly who you should be. Love is attracted to fun and confident. Let down the walls you have built up, love yourself and have some fun! 

2. Don't be overly focused on finding love. 

Unfortunately, love only comes when you least expect it and aren't really looking for it. When you are desperately looking for love an energy of desperation comes through and that can never attract love. 

Focus on finding that happiness within you first and put your energy into that instead. Happiness can only be found within yourself then once you do that love is the cherry on top! 

3. Let go of the past

You cannot be holding onto an ex or stuck in the past and also move forward with love. So really look back and be sure you have fully moved forward. Work through and close any past chapters so you can be free to move forward.

You can never move forward if part of you is still stuck in the past. Look into all areas of your past not just relationships. 

Are there emotions you haven't dealt with and things you haven't faced yet? Really focus on settling those things so you can free yourself up for love! Holding onto the past only takes up the space where love goes. Empty that space so you are really ready for love! 

4. Express your true self. 

Be yourself! Let your true self free! Hiding or being secretive can never attract true love. That only attracts more secretiveness and attracts those that can't be attracted to your true self which always ends badly.

Always speak up and say how you feel, never push anything under the rug or ignore any red flags. You must be your authentic self to attract authentic love. 

5. Don't ever look for someone to save you

Don't ever go into it thinking you need to be saved. To really find love you need to be whole in yourself first then love is the cherry on top. 

Looking for someone to save you will only turn into an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship. Remember only you can save yourself no one else can do that for you. 

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