11 Things Not To Do If You Want To Attract Love

Are you trying hard to find love but it's not working?

Are you doing these 11 things that are blocking a genuine love from coming into your life?

Here is what not to do when trying to attract love:

  1. Holding on to old relationships 

Always let go and move forward from past relationships. Holding on only blocks you from moving forward. Focus on the lessons you learned from that relationship and bring that with you but leave the rest behind.

Don't treat new relationships any different because of past hurt. Don't take out previous pain on a new partner. Really work that out before you move on. Take the lessons you learned but leave the rest behind and start fresh with each new person. 

You want to move forward and not stay stuck in the past. You can never do that if you are replaying the past and criticizing past mistakes. Either regretting the past or wishing you were still in it will always block you from moving forward. 

If you are hanging on to old relationships you are closing the space for a new love to come in. Work through and fully grieve old relationships so you can open up space to move forward with new love.  

2. Lack of self love

It's so important to love yourself first because if you don't love you, you cannot attract others that will love you. If you aren't treating yourself right you won't attract others that will treat you right.

Take a good look at how you are treating yourself. Negative self talk? That will attract others that will talk down to you. Not trusting or believing in yourself? That will attract others that won't trust you or that you won't trust. 

3. Living in energies that repel love 

Before you can attract anything into your life you must add more of that same energy to your life. Are you looking for stability when it comes to love? If so look at where you are unstable in your life and make changes. 

If any element of your life is unstable, it's very important to work on that. Instability will only attract someone that is unstable. Really look close at each area of your life and take new steps to work on any areas that aren't stable.

This goes for anything you are looking for in love fun, comfort, etc. Whatever it is you are looking to attract in a partner really focus on adding more of that into you life in all areas.  

We are whole beings and must align every area of our life to what we want not just the one area we are working on. 

4. Too much focus on everyone else's problems

Don't focus on other people and what they are doing to you. Focus on what you are doing to attract them in the first place. We only have control over ourselves no one else. 

Nothing ever just happens to us we create everything in our life with our choices. The good news is by making some new choices you can get what you want. 

5. Feeling desperate

Desperation when looking for love will only lead you into desperate situations and attract those that will only hurt you. 

Know that happiness can only be found in yourself. Do not expect love to fill your happiness need. Yes love can make you happy but it's the cherry on top after you have found your happiness inside of you first. 

Being happy within yourself and not needing love to fulfill you is the best way to attract love to you. Looking for anyone else to fulfill you will never lead to anything and will only leave you empty inside. 

The beautiful thing is that you can find love and happiness within yourself without needing anyone else. Focus on your passion and your purpose and that will lead you there. If you don't know your purpose I can find it for you in a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing which you can get on my website. 

6. Not fully expressing yourself

When you keep things in and don't express yourself you aren't being your genuine self and can never attract a real genuine love. Be yourself and say what you feel when you feel it. You want to attract someone that will fall in love with you not with who you are pretending to be. 

7. Seeing yourself as having baggage

We have all made mistakes and have a past. See it as all learning experiences that made you the wonderful person you are now. When you see it as baggage, a weight, or problem you put out to the world that you aren't worthy. Instead be thankful for all you have learned and gained from those experiences and put that foot forward. 

8. Only focusing on the negatives in your life

Focusing on the negative will only attract more negative to you especially in relationships. Every negative thing you go through is there to teach you something to lead you to a better place. Look for the lessons in these negative experiences and make new choices to get out of them instead of just dwelling and lingering in them. They are always a tool to move onto a better life but you must look deep and find those lessons and make the necessary changes. 

There is always a new choice you can make as a step out of any situation. Focus on the positives and what you do have so you can attract more positive into your life. 

This especially applies to negative thoughts about yourself. Being happy with yourself is so important in attracting the right person for you. If you aren't happy with yourself the person you attract cannot ever be completely happy with you either. 


9. Not having fun in your life

Fun and laughter is a big love attraction magnet. Think about it aren't you more attracted to someone that is happy and having fun? Purposely find ways to have more fun and laugh in whatever way works for you. 

10. Not taking care of yourself

Nurture and be sure not to neglect yourself. When you neglect yourself you can only attract those that will neglect you as well. You must always put yourself first which in turn you will have more to give to others. Always put your oxygen mask on first. 

11. Expecting love to save you

Love is two whole people that come together to make things even better for each other. Never expect someone to come in and save you or make you feel fulfilled inside. Only you can find your own happiness and fulfillment. No one can magically do that for you. 

But once you have found that in yourself, love can help that grow even more and is the perfect cherry at the top of the sundae. But you must build that sundae by yourself first! 

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