10 Steps To Find and Harness Motivation To Reach Your Goals

  1. Know what you want

The first step is to really figure out what you want. Not what others want for you but what you want. For some this may be hard if you are used to always doing what others want or what society says you should. 

You are your own person and are here to express yourself. Really focus on getting to the core of what you want.

2. Be sure you really want the goal in order to be motivated to manifest it. 

Make sure this goal is something you really want because you can't manifest something you don't really want. Make sure you are doing it for you not for anyone else. Working towards a goal is not always easy but wanting it badly helps to push you towards it. 

3. See the goal

Really envision, see, feel, and taste the desired goal. Think about what would change in your life if you reach it. Really feel it like it has already happened. 

4. Be specific 

Be specific with your intentions and go over them everyday so your spirit guides know what you want. Our guides help us to get what we want so if we aren't clear they can't help us.

Similarly, if you are continuing to do and accept things that you don't want in your life your guide will help you get more of what you don't want. This continues and becomes a vicious cycle.

Our choices, our actions, show our guides what we want and if we keep making choices that we don't really want we will continue to be guided to what we don't want.  We have free will and our guides can only help us create what we want which is shown by our choices. 

Are you staying in a job you hate and telling yourself you don't have a choice? Staying in a bad relationship? Staying and not taking active steps to make a change tells your guides you want to stay in a job or relationship you hate. 

But if you start taking active steps in another direction and show your guides that you want different, then your guides can help you. That's when "coincidences" show up and the right things will seem to just fall in your lap at the right time. 

The more clear you are with your intentions the more your guides can help you. Always remember your life is like clay and you are the only artist. Mold it exactly how you want! Don't limit yourself! You can have it all if you are willing to put the work in. 

5. Plan out the steps to get there

Figure out the actions to get there and do it. Just one small step can help with that motivation and get the ball rolling. 

You must do something new to reach a goal. What you are doing now is creating what you have now. You can never do the same thing and get different results. 

Don't overwhelm yourself with all that you have to do, just focus on one step at a time then when that's done move to the next one. 

Start by figuring out what the first step toward that goal is. As you complete each step, the next one will then become clear to you. So don't worry about figuring out every single step ahead of time. Have a general outline but just start with the first step then go from there. 

6. Schedule it!

If you don't schedule it, it won't happen! Make time to put into your goals and don't put it off. Put it on your calendar and make it non negotiable! 

7. Just start!

Starting is the hardest part for most people but once you do and get that ball rolling it gets easier from there so just push through and take that first step. 

8. Be prepared to be uncomfortable 

Know that there will be something that will go wrong before you reach your goal. As you change your vibration to meet the goal for a little bit you will be in between vibrations which can feel uncomfortable. This is normal and a sign that you are closer to your goal. Unfortunately this is the point most people give up. 

Most people think when it gets hard or uncomfortable that that's a sign to stop and that it's not meant to be but it actually means you are close to your goal so keep going. 

Knowing this will definitely happen and you can't reach your goal without it, helps so you are prepared. Plan for bumps in the road and plan to be uncomfortable. 

See it as a sign that you are close and have done great work so far! Know it is a good thing and just push right through it! When it does get uncomfortable or mishaps start happening, take more action to get out of that in between space. The more new actions you take towards your goal, the quicker you will get out of the uncomfortable part. 

9. Ignore the fear

Is fear stopping you? Change will always be a little scary at first but don't let that stop you. The more fear means the more possibility for bigger change/results. Fear can actually be a sign that this will be a wonderful big change for you! Harness that fear and use it as energy to push forward as you keep laser focused on your goal. Whatever you do don't let it stop you! 

10. Don't regret not doing it

Think about what if this is your last day on earth. What would you wish you did? 

Zero in on what's important to you and what you would regret if you didn't accomplish before you crossed over. Those are the most important goals to work on. 

I hear from those on the other side all the time wishing they did more. Go after what you want now! You never know how much longer you have left on earth. Make the most of it!

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