Here's The Difference Between Twin Flames and Soulmates, and Yes There Is a Difference

So many people seem to think soulmates and a twin flames are the same thing but they are different. Here are the differences:

Soulmates are two different souls that are made for each other. Twin flames are actually two souls created from one single soul split in half. Twin flames are actually very rare, most people have a soulmate.

So many romanticize twin flames but at times it can be much harder to have a twin flame instead of a soulmate. If both twin flames are not together on earth it can be extra hard for them. They will literally feel like part of them is missing and often don't understand why.

It's very common for twin flames that aren't with their twin flame to end up with drug problems and just have a hard time overall living without their other half. There are ways to thrive as an only twin flame on earth but so many don't realize it and get stuck in the feeling of missing something.

Twin flames are so similar to each other because they were created from the same soul. They usually have very similar interests and rarely leave each others side. They do practically everything together. Whereas soulmates can be very different from each other but they are just right for each other like an opposites attract situation.

Some lifetimes we may come to earth with our soulmate or twin flame but not actually be with them romantically. They could be your child or parent or friend etc. This is just a way for us to learn more from a different perspective.

We do not always come to earth with our soulmates or twin flames for many different reasons. One may need to catch up with the other and learn more so they come to earth alone to learn.

They may come to earth at the same time but one lives a shorter life than the other. They also may have came to earth with the intent of finding each other but their choices on earth may prevent that. There are so many different reasons this can happen.

But don't worry if your soul mate is not on earth with you this time there are always kindred spirits out there for you to have a great and fulfilling love with. There is always love out there.

On the other side we are only ever with our soulmate or twin flame romantically but on earth we need to experience other souls for us to really learn and grow.

My advice is to not worry so much about if someone is your soulmate or twin flame or not. Stay in the moment and judge the relationship by if it is working for you. Don't stay in anything that isn't working out of obligation. Enjoy the journey on earth and know that we will always be with our soulmate or twin flame on the other side.

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