8 Most Common Signs Crossed Over Loved Ones Send From The Other Side

So many miss signs that their crossed over loved ones are sending so I wanted to put this together to help. So many also doubt the signs when they do notice them. Know that your loved ones are always there and sending signs. Don't doubt yourself! If you feel it's a sign most likely it is.  

Here are the most common signs I've come across from my readings:

  1. Feeling bumps when you aren't cold. When they are near our body tends to translate it into a feeling of goosebumps, chills, or shivers.

  2. They love to send animals or bugs etc. The most common are birds and butterflies but each case is different.

  3. Finding coins especially pennies is very common. If you look down and come across a random coin most likely a crossed over loved one left that for you.

  4. Hearing a song that reminds you of them. It could be hearing it while in a store or in the car etc.

  5. It is very common to smell their perfume, cologne, cigarettes if they smoked etc. Any scent that reminds you of them may just come out of the blue.

  6. Finding feathers randomly.

  7. Dreams are a very common way they visit. Most people while awake can't pick up on their visits but in a dream state it's easier for them to come through to you. These dreams usually feel extremely real. But the person must be well rested for them to be able to come through.

8. Waking up at 3:30 is a sign because that's the most common time that spirits come through.

A lot of crossed over loved ones are now sending these signs through social media. So when you're scrolling see if there's a sign from your loved one!

Start really paying attention and you will start to see and feel all the love that is being sent your way. The signs are there are you noticing them?

Just know that they haven't left you and you will see them again! They will continue to leave signs to show you that they are with you! Earth is temporary for everyone and we will see everyone again.

Make the most out of your life on earth and enjoy yourself because that's what your crossed over loved ones want most for you! They don't want you to spend your time on earth being sad about them. They are in a happy place.

Enjoy your life and show them how great and happy you can make your life on earth. They will smile down and watch it all so make it fun for them to watch, not sad!

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