Why are people born into childhood abuse and hardship?

Ever thought about why some are born into hard situations and childhood abuse?

We all have free will and our choices dictate our life but what about those that are born straight into hardship before even making any choices?

When we start a new life we start off energetically where we left off in the last life. Those that abused themselves in some way including self harm, committed suicide, sacrificed themselves etc. will always start off in some sort of childhood abuse or tough circumstances in the new life.

Also, some choose to be born into hardships with the sole goal of working past them and then helping others out of that hardship as well. Unfortunately, a lot of these souls don't realize that and end up stuck in the hardship instead of working on moving past it. We all have a way to move past every hardship. It's not always easy but there is always a way and that's the goal.

We aren't here to suffer and we don't have to.  We are here to work out of our struggle patterns so we can triumph and move forward. It's so important that we work through and past these situations so that it doesn't continue to happen in life after life. Don't allow yourself to give in and just stay stuck in the struggle.

Nothing ever just happens to us our choices create them and carry on life after life until we work through them. Making healthy choices and respecting yourself can make not only this life better but your next life as well.

Most people continue the same patterns lifetime after lifetime. Really pay attention to and learn from your patterns so you can fix and end them now. Don't let them linger.

The takeaway from this is to treat yourself well so you can attract being treated well in this life and future lives. Be kind to yourself and love yourself so you can be born into love next time around!

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