10 Reasons Why Sacrificing Yourself Isn't Noble

1. Depleting yourself only holds you back from your purpose and your highest path. It blocks you from being able to move forward.

2. Helping others from a place of lack doesn't really help them or you. Once you take care of yourself and get where you need to be, then you can help so many more people easily without depleting yourself.

3. Your kids and others around you will pick up that pattern and deplete themselves as well and it just continues on down the line. They will think that's the way it has to be. Do you want that for them?

4. Getting caught up in other people's drama only distracts you from your path. We are all responsible for our own stuff. Don't waste your energy on other people's drama then you both will be stuck. So many think that they don't have a choice and have to get sucked into the drama around them but you always have a choice, remember that!

5. You must be on solid ground first. Once you are then you can start helping those still in the water. If you aren't on solid ground first you will get dragged into the water as well.

6. We are all one so when we sacrifice ourselves we sacrifice everyone else too.

7. Anything you do out of obligation will only attract more and more obligation into your life. Getting out of that pattern is important. Remember you don't ever HAVE to do anything. Obligation keeps us from our path.

8. The goal is to get yourself to a place where you are fueled and fulfilled and living your purpose so you have extra vital force energy to give. Once you are fulfilled you can help so many others easily without sacrificing yourself and can make a bigger impact.

9. You cannot be your true self if you are sacrificing a part of you. We are whole beings and when one part of us is sacrificed it sacrifices the rest of us too.

10. You deserve to experience your full self while on earth, that's why we are here. When you give that up you can't fully do what you came here for and you will have to try again in your next life.

Please nurture yourself first. You need that oxygen mask on yourself first before your child or you both will be in trouble. You are a divine being, treat yourself that way!

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