Trusting Your Intuition

How many times have you got a feeling about something and ignored it only to kick yourself for not listening? Everyone has intuition but most people don't trust or listen to it. Once you really start to trust and listen to it, it will grow and grow.


I know you may think to yourself. “How do I know if that's just my mind playing tricks on me?” The key is the more you use and listen to your intuition the clearer it will get. Think about those times when you wished you had listened how did it feel when it came to you?


Our higher self and our spirit guides are always sending us messages and clues but you must make a point to pay attention. Start really paying attention and looking deeper and you will be amazed with what you can do.


Trust that you have so many answers within you and start really listening! Frequent meditation is also very helpful to open up your intuition. Meditation helps to get rid of unnecessary and racing thoughts and helps the messages come in clearer plus so many other benefits.


When you hear that voice inside you, listen to it and pay attention to how it feels. You have so much more power and answers inside you than you realize. Start opening up to it and see the difference it makes in your life.


I want to see you grow and prosper and stay on the right path for you! We all have all the power in our lives, nothing just happens to us. Our choices whether in this life or a past life lead us to this very moment. The good news is if you aren't happy with where you are there is always at least one choice and action you can take to get closer to where you want to be. Those choices may not be easy so that can stop some but those choices are your path to having the life you want and abundance in all areas. Just one small choice at a time can lead you to where you want to be.


Remember we are always in control of our lives, no one else, no matter how far away it may seem from that in the moment. Everyone has the opportunity to go on their highest path possible in this lifetime but you must choose to take it and use all the tools available to you. Your intuition is one of your most valuable tools so don't ignore it!


You have so much inside of you that you can unlock to help you! Are you ready to turn that key and start listening?


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