Here Are The 5 Most Important Things You Must Do To Attract Love

Are your actions attracting love or blocking it from your life?  

Are you doing the 5 things that must be done to attract love?  Find out here: 

  1. Love yourself. 

This may seem cliche but it is so important. If you don't love yourself or you are always putting yourself down you will only attract those that won't truly love you and that will also put you down. 

How you treat yourself will be directly reflected in who you attract to you. Learn to admire yourself and be confident! 

Don't compare yourself to others, love your amazing qualities! Confidence attracts love. Think about it do you want someone that is insecure and down on themselves all the time? No, you want someone that is confident! If you aren't confident in yourself, no one else can be either! 

Work through any insecurities you have and know that you are exactly who you should be. Love is attracted to fun and confident. Let down the walls you have built up, love yourself and have some fun! 

2. Don't be overly focused on finding love. 

Unfortunately, love only comes when you least expect it and aren't really looking for it. When you are desperately looking for love an energy of desperation comes through and that can never attract love. 

Focus on finding that happiness within you first and put your energy into that instead. Happiness can only be found within yourself then once you do that love is the cherry on top! 

3. Let go of the past

You cannot be holding onto an ex or stuck in the past and also move forward with love. So really look back and be sure you have fully moved forward. Work through and close any past chapters so you can be free to move forward.

You can never move forward if part of you is still stuck in the past. Look into all areas of your past not just relationships. 

Are there emotions you haven't dealt with and things you haven't faced yet? Really focus on settling those things so you can free yourself up for love! Holding onto the past only takes up the space where love goes. Empty that space so you are really ready for love! 

4. Express your true self. 

Be yourself! Let your true self free! Hiding or being secretive can never attract true love. That only attracts more secretiveness and attracts those that can't be attracted to your true self which always ends badly.

Always speak up and say how you feel, never push anything under the rug or ignore any red flags. You must be your authentic self to attract authentic love. 

5. Don't ever look for someone to save you

Don't ever go into it thinking you need to be saved. To really find love you need to be whole in yourself first then love is the cherry on top. 

Looking for someone to save you will only turn into an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship. Remember only you can save yourself no one else can do that for you. 

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10 Steps To Find and Harness Motivation To Reach Your Goals

  1. Know what you want

The first step is to really figure out what you want. Not what others want for you but what you want. For some this may be hard if you are used to always doing what others want or what society says you should. 

You are your own person and are here to express yourself. Really focus on getting to the core of what you want.

2. Be sure you really want the goal in order to be motivated to manifest it. 

Make sure this goal is something you really want because you can't manifest something you don't really want. Make sure you are doing it for you not for anyone else. Working towards a goal is not always easy but wanting it badly helps to push you towards it. 

3. See the goal

Really envision, see, feel, and taste the desired goal. Think about what would change in your life if you reach it. Really feel it like it has already happened. 

4. Be specific 

Be specific with your intentions and go over them everyday so your spirit guides know what you want. Our guides help us to get what we want so if we aren't clear they can't help us.

Similarly, if you are continuing to do and accept things that you don't want in your life your guide will help you get more of what you don't want. This continues and becomes a vicious cycle.

Our choices, our actions, show our guides what we want and if we keep making choices that we don't really want we will continue to be guided to what we don't want.  We have free will and our guides can only help us create what we want which is shown by our choices. 

Are you staying in a job you hate and telling yourself you don't have a choice? Staying in a bad relationship? Staying and not taking active steps to make a change tells your guides you want to stay in a job or relationship you hate. 

But if you start taking active steps in another direction and show your guides that you want different, then your guides can help you. That's when "coincidences" show up and the right things will seem to just fall in your lap at the right time. 

The more clear you are with your intentions the more your guides can help you. Always remember your life is like clay and you are the only artist. Mold it exactly how you want! Don't limit yourself! You can have it all if you are willing to put the work in. 

5. Plan out the steps to get there

Figure out the actions to get there and do it. Just one small step can help with that motivation and get the ball rolling. 

You must do something new to reach a goal. What you are doing now is creating what you have now. You can never do the same thing and get different results. 

Don't overwhelm yourself with all that you have to do, just focus on one step at a time then when that's done move to the next one. 

Start by figuring out what the first step toward that goal is. As you complete each step, the next one will then become clear to you. So don't worry about figuring out every single step ahead of time. Have a general outline but just start with the first step then go from there. 

6. Schedule it!

If you don't schedule it, it won't happen! Make time to put into your goals and don't put it off. Put it on your calendar and make it non negotiable! 

7. Just start!

Starting is the hardest part for most people but once you do and get that ball rolling it gets easier from there so just push through and take that first step. 

8. Be prepared to be uncomfortable 

Know that there will be something that will go wrong before you reach your goal. As you change your vibration to meet the goal for a little bit you will be in between vibrations which can feel uncomfortable. This is normal and a sign that you are closer to your goal. Unfortunately this is the point most people give up. 

Most people think when it gets hard or uncomfortable that that's a sign to stop and that it's not meant to be but it actually means you are close to your goal so keep going. 

Knowing this will definitely happen and you can't reach your goal without it, helps so you are prepared. Plan for bumps in the road and plan to be uncomfortable. 

See it as a sign that you are close and have done great work so far! Know it is a good thing and just push right through it! When it does get uncomfortable or mishaps start happening, take more action to get out of that in between space. The more new actions you take towards your goal, the quicker you will get out of the uncomfortable part. 

9. Ignore the fear

Is fear stopping you? Change will always be a little scary at first but don't let that stop you. The more fear means the more possibility for bigger change/results. Fear can actually be a sign that this will be a wonderful big change for you! Harness that fear and use it as energy to push forward as you keep laser focused on your goal. Whatever you do don't let it stop you! 

10. Don't regret not doing it

Think about what if this is your last day on earth. What would you wish you did? 

Zero in on what's important to you and what you would regret if you didn't accomplish before you crossed over. Those are the most important goals to work on. 

I hear from those on the other side all the time wishing they did more. Go after what you want now! You never know how much longer you have left on earth. Make the most of it!

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10 Ways To Implement Healthy Boundaries To Change Your Life For The Better

Do you say yes when you want to and should say no? Are you putting yourself last? Are you depleted?

You create your life with every choice that you make. If you don't have boundaries you are only creating an unhappy and depleted life.  

Here are 10 ways to implement healthy boundaries that can change your life for the better:

1. The first step is to evaluate your life. Ask yourself these questions: Who am I surrounding myself with that I don't want? Who is only causing me pain and not enriching my life? What am I doing or taking on that I don't want to be?

Really get a clear plan of what you do and don't want in every area of your life. Knowing and getting clear about that ahead of time helps you to be more confident when you say no or implement a boundary. Really take time to dissect this, it is very important.

Know ahead of time exactly what you want and will accept in a relationship, at work, with your family, and in all areas of your life. Be clear with yourself and others about your boundaries up front and don't stray from them.  

2. The next step is to ask yourself why am I allowing this? Why am I accepting less than I should? Really look deep. Do you feel like you aren't good enough to live the life you want? Do you think someone else is superior to you? No one is ever superior, we are all important.

Those are the usual reasons people accept less than they deserve but look deep into your reasons.

You are good enough and every single one of us can have that happy life but it's up to each one of us to create it ourselves. Every single thing in your life you created by your choices.

The wonderful news is once you realize that and start making new choices you can create it exactly how you want!

As you accept one thing or one person in your life that you shouldn't, it only causes a domino effect and opens the door to accept more and more.

It also opens the door for illness to be allowed into your life because you are accepting more of what you don't want. The universe thinks that's what want and gives you more and more which becomes a vicious cycle.

3. After looking closely at what and who you are accepting that you shouldn't and why you are, now it's time to fix that going forward.

From now on, be strong in your boundaries and do not accept what you don't want. Don't just give in and settle.

By accepting it you are only saying that you want that. Don't go against your own feelings and gut. Trust yourself and feel secure that you know what is best for you.

Don't settle because you think that's the best you can get. You have unlimited opportunities so don't settle for any less than you want.

4. Don't say yes when you should say no. When you do that you say to yourself that you don't deserve to say no and you aren't good enough. In essence you are telling yourself and the universe that you are less than and you don't deserve what you want.

You are good enough and you never have to say yes when you don't want to. Don't take on more than you should. Always leave time for you to recharge. That way you can actually get much more done in the long run.

5. Be really clear on what you want and what you don't want. Knowing yourself clearly and knowing what you do want can help you to realize what you don't want right away and stop it immediately.

6. Boundaries with your time are important. So many forget about this one but having your own time is an important part of setting boundaries. Always make sure to schedule some time for yourself.

7. Boundaries in relationships. Do you give up your whole self when you are in a relationship? A relationship is much stronger if you know yourself and you have things just for you.

Be sure to not lose sight of the things you want and what you want to do. There should be a balance where you both have your own thing that is just for yourself.  

8. Boundaries at work can be tricky but are important. Do you let someone take advantage and take on more work than is right? Doing more than your job description can be a great way to get ahead but just be sure you are doing it because you want to, not because you feel obligated.

Really know your roll and think about what is appropriate and what isn't.

Having a clear understanding ahead of time will help you to implement those boundaries when the time comes. In a calm but confident tone just say "no that won't work for me" or "that will put too much on my schedule."

Don't think you have to have that overwhelming schedule. So many think that is just life but it's not. You create that and can make changes.

Not everything is actually necessary and there are always ways to make changes and do things a little differently. Always remember you are in control and you can create a new job for yourself or a new system or relationship etc.

Don't ever get stuck thinking this is how it has to be you can always make changes to make things how you want. It may take time and work and some uncomfortability along the way, but you can do it. It's your life you have full control.

9. Be okay with people not being happy about a boundary you create at first. As you start implementing these changes at first people in your life are going to push back and not like these boundaries, do them anyway.

They are used to walking over you and that's what they know. Eventually they will end up respecting you more and if not maybe it's time to remove them from your life.

Don't let the fear of losing people or hurting them stop you from creating healthy boundaries for yourself. If they do leave they shouldn't of been in your life in the first place. These healthy boundaries will also help you to attract healthier relationships into your life.

10. Know the incentives to good boundaries. One thing to help incentivize boundaries is if you don't have them difficult lessons around those boundaries will keep showing up in your life over and over until you do it. This will become an annoying vicious cycle that having boundaries upfront can eliminate.

Without boundaries you will only attract more and more people that will take advantage of your lack of boundaries but once you have those boundaries secure and unwavering then you won't attract that sort of thing anymore.

Think about boundaries as a fence around your personal space. When you allow things you don't want that personal space which is your life becomes someone else's space, someone else's life.

This is your life to create and live how you want to. Don't let others invade and take over your life!

Boundaries are the fence to protect the life you want. Don't allow that fence to be broken down and broken into. Protect your life fence with all you have!

A "yes I'll take on too much for me" here and a "sure you can walk over me" there and before you know it your life isn't yours anymore.

There is only a certain amount of time and when you take on more than you can, you inevitably give up part of yourself and neglect you. If you neglect you, you are no good to anyone.

Unfortunately so many have broken down their life fence long ago and can't even see how it can be repaired. Just take it one step at a time and before you know it a beautiful, impenetrable fence will protect the life you want.

It's important to know and acknowledge that you allowed any lack of boundaries that are in your life now. Know you are in control and can now create those boundaries you need to thrive and create what you do want.

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8 Ways To Move Forward After A Mistake

We all make mistakes that's how we learn. The important part is how we move forward afterwards.

We are here to make mistakes so we can learn and grow. Mistakes are a very important part of our growth. Every mistake helps us to learn and experience ourselves better.

We have all made every mistake there is to make in our many lives. Without mistakes and setbacks we could never fully learn. Appreciate every mistake for the growth you get from it.

Here are some things you can do to help move forward and leave that mistake in the past:

1. Forgive yourself.

This is very important. If you don't forgive yourself you can't move forward. If you can't move forward you will be stuck and more likely to make more mistakes. It becomes a vicious cycle.

2. Learn that lesson and figure out how you can prevent yourself from repeating it in the future.

There is a lesson in every mistake. If you don't look deep and find that lesson it's guaranteed to be repeated in your life again and again until you do. Each time the lesson will get stronger which means it's harder on you. Save yourself the trouble and start to look for the lesson the first time.

3. Don't stay stuck in guilt.

Guilt only causes you to attract more situations of guilt and holds you back. Know there are limitless opportunities for us and that one mistake doesn't mean we lose out on everything in the future.

4. Make changes.

If we do the same things we will always get the same results. Make changes to create a better situation for yourself going forward. Use that mistake to propel you into creating better circumstances for yourself.

5. Focus on what you do want going forward not on what you think you messed up on in the past.

Focusing on the past causes depression. Focus on right now and what actions you can take to make things better. That mistake is done and over so only focus on what you can control right now and going forward.

6. Hone in on and trust your instincts.

Before you made that mistake did you have a feeling in your gut? A lot of mistakes are made because people don't listen to their gut. If you look back you can see that the mistakes you have made you had that gut feeling first but you ignored it or didn't trust it.

The more you listen to you gut the stronger it becomes and the better you can recognize it. So moving forward really start paying attention to that so in the future it is clear and you listen to that warning.

7. Know that no mistake is too big to move forward from.

Even those that have made the worst mistakes there are can move forward in some way. Don't beat yourself up. There are people in prison for murder that have turned their lives around and have given back and made profound differences in others lives all from a prison cell.

There is always a way to move forward and do better from here on out. Let that mistake be a catalyst for great things not something that stops you from moving forward. The most important thing is that you make the most of it going forward.

8. Be thankful for that mistake and don't let it define you. Let it refine you!

Take it as a blessing that you now know it was a mistake and you won't make that mistake again. Now start focusing on what you can do from here forward. Letting a mistake stop you from moving forward is just another mistake. Focus on the great changes you can make going forward with what you have learned.

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Miscarriage From The Perspective of The Other Side

Going through a miscarriage can be so hard. I wanted to write this to give a different perspective on it to hopefully help anyone that has been through it.

So many suffer from miscarriages and they internalize the feelings associated with it. I wanted to shed some light and the bigger picture for those that have had a miscarriage.

Here are some things I've learned from the other side about miscarriages:

The soul of the miscarried baby knew they wouldn't born on earth beforehand. It can be hard for a soul to fully integrate into a body and can take some practice. Them getting to experience being in the womb even for a short time is practice for them to integrate into a physical body. That time in the womb helps them tremendously and they are very appreciative.

These souls get to dip their toe in per say. It's like a training program to eventually integrate into a body some day. The mother being the vessel for that is a big help to them and a blessing. The mother does so much good for that soul.

So many mothers of miscarriages feel this guilt that it was their fault but most of the time it's just something that your soul and the soul of the baby need to go through and is best for both in the end. These things were chosen by the mother and baby before earth as part of the journey all to reach a bigger goal.

This is also something the mother and to a degree the father's souls need to experience for a number of possible reasons. Experiences like that really help your soul to learn and grow and in the long run are a big help for you.

I have done a lot of readings for miscarriages over the years and there are so many different reasons a soul may choose to not fully be born.

In some cases, that soul didn't feel love in previous lives and just that short time in the womb they can experience that love and protection in a more physical way. That experience can then help them to grow and get to an even better place.

Even when a miscarriage happens from trauma or unhealthy choices of the mother, that soul knew it wasn't going to make it to earth before conception and chose that mother for a reason. It can be for the soul or the parent to learn or to teach some sort of lesson or to resolve karma which is very helpful in the long run.

Having a miscarriage or even an abortion does not damage the soul in fact the opposite. That soul learns and grows from it and becomes better and then can move on from there with that knowledge.

The actual soul doesn't come in usually until the end right before birth which can cause that pregnancy glow. They do check in from time to time and they connect with the mother and hover around her but the soul isn't in the body until right before birth.

I know it can be so hard to deal with but know there is a bigger reason and all that pain was not in vain.

There is a reason for everything even though on earth it may seem impossible that there could be a good reason for any of this.

Nothing ever just happens to us it's all from our past choices and for a bigger purpose.

There are many reasons it could be but I promise when you do cross over it will all make sense and you will understand why all of this happened.

For those of you that have been through a miscarriage I am so sorry and am sending you hugs. Just know that it was not in vain and is part of a much bigger purpose. Also it's important to know that you didn't do anything wrong!

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How To Find Your Happiness In This Present Moment

So many of us are constantly thinking about the future or the past. Happiness can only ever be found in the present never the past or the future.

There will never be a time where you end your journey of wanting the next thing. Saying “I'll be happy when I get my new job, when I get married, when I have more money etc.” is very toxic because once you reach that “when” then the next goal comes.

This is a never ending journey so really make a point to enjoy the now. Later on you may be wishing you were back in that moment so just enjoy each moment fully while it's here.

Here are some tips I have found to help you find that happiness and stay in the present moment:

Think about it being the last time you will ever do what you're doing. I hear from those that have crossed over all the time and they always wish they knew it would've been their last time. You never know when it could be your last time to do or say anything.

Say everything you feel or want to say to those you love always like it is your last time. This way you won't have any regrets.

Enjoy petting your pet and be present like it's the last time every time.

I even enjoy doing the dishes. I have had injuries where I couldn't wash the dishes or do so many other things so be thankful for whatever it is you can do and appreciate it in the moment. At any moment things can change so just enjoy each moment.

Remember It can always be worse. When I was going through some really hard times and injuries I would always think about what could be worse and was thankful it wasn't worse. For instance I would think “I may be bedridden but I'm so thankful I'm not going through this on the streets in the cold. I'm so thankful for a roof over my head etc.” Appreciate whatever you have in that moment. It may not be ideal but it could always be so much worse and to someone else you are lucky.

Make even the tedious tasks fun. When I'm cleaning I put on music and just enjoy being able to clean and that I have my limbs and can physically do it. I listen to music and dance and am just present in it and enjoy it.

Try to not focus on what you have to do next. Most of us are so focused on what we have to do next that we miss out on the present moment which remember is the only place happiness can be found. What I do is set an alert to remind me when and what I need to do later so I can let it go for now and only focus on what I am doing in this present moment.

Enjoy every bite of food. You never know you may never be able to eat that food again. I've had a lot of foods that were removed from my diet forever due to allergies and illness and never got that one last time to enjoy them. So many people don't have food at all. Enjoy each meal like it will be the last meal. Make it a meditative experience, really savor and enjoy each bite. Don't just rush to eat it and on to the next task which also messes up digestion.

Enjoy showering and bathing. This tends to be a rush to get ready and onto the next thing.  Really be present and enjoy it. So many don't have running water or don't have hot water. Appreciate it like you never had hot water before or never will again. Don't take any little thing for granted. What seems small to you now could be mean the whole world to someone else or even yourself in the future.

Enjoy doing laundry. Think about how back in the day people spent all day using a rock by the river washing their clothes. Think about how lucky you are and how much easier it is to do now and how lucky you are to even have clothes.

Enjoy working out. Enjoy that your body is capable of doing it. Enjoy that you are strengthening your body. Enjoy some music and enjoy the break from the rest of your schedule. Don't see it as something you have to do, see it as something you are privileged to do.

Focus in on all 5 of your senses or all of the ones you do have. Be thankful that you can and focus in on what you can see. Be thankful that you can and focus in on what you can hear. Be thankful that you can and focus in on what you can feel and touch. Be thankful that you can and focus in on what you can smell. Be thankful that you can and focus in on what you can taste.

Sometimes we may take all of our senses for granted but not everyone has them and any of us could lose them at any time. Appreciate how wonderful it is to have these senses. The more you deliberately focus in on them the stronger they will start to get.

When cooking play your favorite music and take in all the scents. Be thankful for the ability to have food to cook, make it fun not just a chore to get done with.

While sitting in traffic be thankful for that time for yourself. Listen to an audio book or just take some time to reflect and enjoy being in your own company. Appreciate that you are in a car and not walking or in the elements etc.

In my readings I hear from the otherside all the time that it's the little things that meant the most in the end. In the end these are the things that matter not rushing to the next thing you think you have to do. Appreciate everyone and everything around you always like it's the last time.

Breathe in breathe deep often and be thankful you can.

Take time often to congratulate yourself for things you have already accomplished.  Focused on how far you have come, not how much farther you have left to go.

As you go through your day think about all the things you can appreciate and be present in.

Every moment is an opportunity for presence. Even the hard times. Being present in and feeling the sadness or anger or whatever emotion it is deeply will help you move through it faster. If you don't fully process things they will stay stuffed inside you and will pop up years later and usually in the worst way and at the worst possible time.

Overall whatever you are doing don't just focus on getting through it and on to the next. Appreciate that moment and that you have the ability to do whatever it is. Stay present, find the positive, and savor every bit of it like it is the last time you will ever be able to do it. You never know it just might be. Find your happiness right here and right now that is the only place it will ever be.

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Here's The Difference Between Twin Flames and Soulmates, and Yes There Is a Difference

So many people seem to think soulmates and a twin flames are the same thing but they are different. Here are the differences:

Soulmates are two different souls that are made for each other. Twin flames are actually two souls created from one single soul split in half. Twin flames are actually very rare, most people have a soulmate.

So many romanticize twin flames but at times it can be much harder to have a twin flame instead of a soulmate. If both twin flames are not together on earth it can be extra hard for them. They will literally feel like part of them is missing and often don't understand why.

It's very common for twin flames that aren't with their twin flame to end up with drug problems and just have a hard time overall living without their other half. There are ways to thrive as an only twin flame on earth but so many don't realize it and get stuck in the feeling of missing something.

Twin flames are so similar to each other because they were created from the same soul. They usually have very similar interests and rarely leave each others side. They do practically everything together. Whereas soulmates can be very different from each other but they are just right for each other like an opposites attract situation.

Some lifetimes we may come to earth with our soulmate or twin flame but not actually be with them romantically. They could be your child or parent or friend etc. This is just a way for us to learn more from a different perspective.

We do not always come to earth with our soulmates or twin flames for many different reasons. One may need to catch up with the other and learn more so they come to earth alone to learn.

They may come to earth at the same time but one lives a shorter life than the other. They also may have came to earth with the intent of finding each other but their choices on earth may prevent that. There are so many different reasons this can happen.

But don't worry if your soul mate is not on earth with you this time there are always kindred spirits out there for you to have a great and fulfilling love with. There is always love out there.

On the other side we are only ever with our soulmate or twin flame romantically but on earth we need to experience other souls for us to really learn and grow.

My advice is to not worry so much about if someone is your soulmate or twin flame or not. Stay in the moment and judge the relationship by if it is working for you. Don't stay in anything that isn't working out of obligation. Enjoy the journey on earth and know that we will always be with our soulmate or twin flame on the other side.

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11 Quotes/ Inspirations To Inspire Change and Move Forward

1. You cannot grow without getting out of your comfort zone first. 

You can never get something new if you keep doing the same things you have been.

2. Up leveling is like cleaning out a closet. It has to get a bit messy first then put back together in a new way.

As you change vibrations it can get a bit messy but that is a sign that you are close to your goal and need to keep going not stop!

3. Take an active role in your life. Watching in the background won't get you anywhere.

Only you can take action to change your life, no one else can. Nothing will just happen. Start making that change to create what you want. 

4. Don't let your mistakes define you, let them refine you.

Everyone makes mistakes that is how we learn and grow. Use them to learn from and move forward. So many continue to focus on past mistakes which prevents them from moving forward. 

5. Be prepared BEFORE the opportunity shows up in your life.

So many miss out on opportunities because they aren't prepared. Put focus on what you want and get prepared for that so when the opportunity comes you are ready to take it. 

6. Look for the opportunity in every setback. There always is one.

If we got everything we wanted right when we wanted it our life would be a mess. Think about if we married the first person we wanted to. Learn from the setback and see the new opportunity that presents itself. It may mean you were just a little bit off or you just need to be more prepared. That exact thing may have not been good for you so focus going forward on what is good for you. 

7. You can never move forward if you are still in the past. 

Let go of the past it only holds you back from creating what you want. Take the lessons you learned but leave the rest behind. You have a much better future ahead if you can let go of the past weighing you down. 

8. Don't get stuck in planning so much that you never start doing.

I see this a lot people plan for years without actually taking the first step. The time is now start taking action now or you won't get there. 

9. Don’t escape reality, work to change your reality to what you want. 

You and only you are in control of your life. So many numb themselves or escape reality in some way. Instead of doing that put that effort into changing your reality and making it something you don't want to escape from. You have that power, use it! 

10. Don't let other people's drama distract you from your path. 

So many put their lives on hold to feed into other people's drama. Know that you don't have to do that. Pay attention and make sure you aren't doing that. Creating good boundaries is very important. 

11. Embrace change. It is the only way to move forward.

If you don't make changes you will always get the same thing you have always gotten. Fight through the fears and embrace change and the great things that come with it! 

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What Is a Spirit Guide and What Do They Do For Us?

Spirit guides are souls just like us that have been to earth many times themselves. They are just souls a little more advanced than us that want to help us get the most out of our life.

Guides usually are no one you knew on earth. Sometimes they can be but that's very rare. As they guide you, they learn and grow from the experience as well.

It is a big commitment to be a spirit guide and a huge job to take on. They want the best for us and put in a lot of time and effort into helping us the best they can without interfering with our free will.

We choose our first main spirit guide before we come to earth and go over our goals etc. with them. Our guide knows us better than anyone and is always with us.

We all have at least one spirit guide. New guides will come in as well when necessary. As we make different choices in life new guides are added to our team to help guide us with those choices.

We also have temporary guides that our soul hires to help us through temporary things in our lives as needed. Depending on the choices we make, we acquire new guides to help us if our main guide(s) can't.

Spirit guides can also give access to thousands and thousands of other spirits to guide us for specific things that may not be their specialty.

Spirit guides will interchange depending on the choices you make. We always have free will and our guides do their best to keep up to speed with the choices we make. Some of us can really keep them on their toes. Having lots of guides isn't always better because sometimes having too much different guidance can be more confusing than helpful.

As a young child, only the first main guide we are born with is needed. This is because we don't make many choices yet and don't need more guides.

We usually acquire our second guide at around age 10. At that age we start to really make more choices on our own so another guide comes in to help. Children that are in tough situations and have to grow up fast may acquire a second guide earlier than most to help them through that.

We can also acquire spirit guides that help us do things that aren't helpful and are negative for us solely because of our choices. For instance, if someone is being bullied in school they may choose to retreat into themselves which helps them cope in that moment. That choice to retreat causes our soul to hire a spirit guide to help us continue do that. They make that choice to retreat so the spirit guide assumes that's what they want to do with their free will and that spirit guide will continue helping them retreat. Of course, that can affect the person negatively until they make an active choice to do otherwise and get out of that pattern. Every choice we make affects our lives. We are in control. If you think you may have a negative, unhelpful guide I can clear and remove them for you in a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing.

We have help on the other side trying to guide us and keep us on track but ultimately our choices are what dictate our lives. Some things in our lives are because of karma and choices we made in past lives as well. Every single thing in our lives, good or bad, is because of choices we made. Nothing ever just happens to us.

Our spirit guides try to guide us in the right direction. At first if you are headed in a direction that's not right for you they will gently nudge you then it will get stronger and stronger. It's as if at first they will throw a pebble then if you don't listen a rock, then a brick, then a boulder etc. So if it feels like you are constantly being stopped, you are most likely headed in the wrong direction.

Although, it can be tricky because sometimes you need to get knocked down and get up again to make it where you need to be. Before we get to something great we have been working towards there will always be a mishap or drama etc. that will occur. So many people stop there and give up but that's actually a sign that you are close to your goal and to keep pushing through it.

It's all about connecting with your inner self and listening to your intuition to find that balance. We are meant to connect deeper with our souls but unfortunately so many have gotten away from that. All the answers are inside us if we just make an effort to connect with them and most importantly listen.

When listening to your spirit guide It's important to go with the flow like you were in a canoe on a stream. Don't row or fight upstream, let your spirit guide guide you in the right direction all while choosing your intended path with active choice. This is a very fine balance. You don't want to give up control because it is your life and your choices but it's also important to look inside and pay attention to the signs your spirit guide is trying to give. You want to work together as harmoniously as possible.

Know that you are not alone on your journey and your guides are there to help you. Talk to them and tell them what you want so they can help you. The more clear you are with the path you want to go on the better they can help you!

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8 Most Common Signs Crossed Over Loved Ones Send From The Other Side

So many miss signs that their crossed over loved ones are sending so I wanted to put this together to help. So many also doubt the signs when they do notice them. Know that your loved ones are always there and sending signs. Don't doubt yourself! If you feel it's a sign most likely it is.  

Here are the most common signs I've come across from my readings:

  1. Feeling bumps when you aren't cold. When they are near our body tends to translate it into a feeling of goosebumps, chills, or shivers.

  2. They love to send animals or bugs etc. The most common are birds and butterflies but each case is different.

  3. Finding coins especially pennies is very common. If you look down and come across a random coin most likely a crossed over loved one left that for you.

  4. Hearing a song that reminds you of them. It could be hearing it while in a store or in the car etc.

  5. It is very common to smell their perfume, cologne, cigarettes if they smoked etc. Any scent that reminds you of them may just come out of the blue.

  6. Finding feathers randomly.

  7. Dreams are a very common way they visit. Most people while awake can't pick up on their visits but in a dream state it's easier for them to come through to you. These dreams usually feel extremely real. But the person must be well rested for them to be able to come through.

8. Waking up at 3:30 is a sign because that's the most common time that spirits come through.

A lot of crossed over loved ones are now sending these signs through social media. So when you're scrolling see if there's a sign from your loved one!

Start really paying attention and you will start to see and feel all the love that is being sent your way. The signs are there are you noticing them?

Just know that they haven't left you and you will see them again! They will continue to leave signs to show you that they are with you! Earth is temporary for everyone and we will see everyone again.

Make the most out of your life on earth and enjoy yourself because that's what your crossed over loved ones want most for you! They don't want you to spend your time on earth being sad about them. They are in a happy place.

Enjoy your life and show them how great and happy you can make your life on earth. They will smile down and watch it all so make it fun for them to watch, not sad!

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Why are people born into childhood abuse and hardship?

Ever thought about why some are born into hard situations and childhood abuse?

We all have free will and our choices dictate our life but what about those that are born straight into hardship before even making any choices?

When we start a new life we start off energetically where we left off in the last life. Those that abused themselves in some way including self harm, committed suicide, sacrificed themselves etc. will always start off in some sort of childhood abuse or tough circumstances in the new life.

Also, some choose to be born into hardships with the sole goal of working past them and then helping others out of that hardship as well. Unfortunately, a lot of these souls don't realize that and end up stuck in the hardship instead of working on moving past it. We all have a way to move past every hardship. It's not always easy but there is always a way and that's the goal.

We aren't here to suffer and we don't have to.  We are here to work out of our struggle patterns so we can triumph and move forward. It's so important that we work through and past these situations so that it doesn't continue to happen in life after life. Don't allow yourself to give in and just stay stuck in the struggle.

Nothing ever just happens to us our choices create them and carry on life after life until we work through them. Making healthy choices and respecting yourself can make not only this life better but your next life as well.

Most people continue the same patterns lifetime after lifetime. Really pay attention to and learn from your patterns so you can fix and end them now. Don't let them linger.

The takeaway from this is to treat yourself well so you can attract being treated well in this life and future lives. Be kind to yourself and love yourself so you can be born into love next time around!

If you need some help with finding and moving past patterns that are holding you back I recommend a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing . You can find info on that and all my readings and clearings on my website on the get a reading page:

6 Real Reasons Why You're Always Attracting Men Or Women Who Are Wrong For You

Here is my latest article that was published on YourTango:

Why are you always attracted to the wrong person?

You've read every relationship and dating advice there is and you thought you had them down to a T. But, for some reason, you always find yourself in toxic relationships. 

So, you say to yourself "Why is this happening to me? Why do I always attract people that hurt me?"

It's very important to realize that nothing ever just happens to us. We create it with our own choices, and that includes choosing to be in a toxic relationship and ignoring the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

If you want that aspect to change, you also have to make a few changes and stop toxic love from coming into your life.

Here are 6 reasons why you're always in toxic relationships and some relationship advice on how to stop. 

1. You treat yourself with less value

Do you put yourself down? Are you hard on yourself? Are you hurting or neglecting yourself?

If so, you will attract more of that negativity. It's important to treat yourself right and know your value so you will attract others that value you as well. 

2. You accept circumstances you really don't want

Do you not speak up when someone says or does something you don't like and just let it happen? Are you staying in a job or another situation you hate?

We are whole beings so choices we make in one area of our life will carry over into other areas. So many people tell themselves that they have to stay in a bad situation but no one tells them that they don't have to.

There is always something you can do to start getting yourself out of it and into something better for you. The key is you have to take some new actions to get there. That can be scary and it's the reason why so many people stay miserable but, in the end, it's always worth the effort.

3. You sacrifice yourself and what you want

When you sacrifice yourself, you will attract people that you will need to sacrifice yourself for and more and more circumstances of sacrifice in your life.

4. You don't really love or respect yourself

How you love and respect yourself will be directly reflected in how others will treat you. If you don't treat yourself well, no one else will either.

5. You hide who you really are

Show who you are, don't hide it. If you hide who you really are and put on a front you will only attract people that align with who you are pretending to be which will never be right for you.

6. You haven't fully dealt with your past

Face your issues and fully deal with your past so you can move forward. Anything not fully processed and dealt with will hold you back and hinder attracting the right people to you.

You can never move forward if you are still in the past. Until you deal with your past, similar situations will keep repeating in your life over and over until you finally do deal with it so the sooner the better. Of course, it can be hard to face these things but it ends up being more painful in the long run if we don't.

Always focus on the energy of your choices. If you make choices out of sacrifice you will get more sacrifice in your life. If you make choices out of love and for yourself you will get more love.

Every choice we make has a consequence so focus on making choices that result in good consequences!

Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, and author. If you would like some answers about your love life or anything else, you can get a convenient, personal email reading or clearing from Kristine on her website.

10 Ways To Get 'Unstuck' & Start Creating The Life You Really Want

So many tend to get stuck in the day to day and lose sight of what's important. We can't move forwards if all we do is stay stuck in that day to day rut. Here are some tips to break through that:

Get your life back on track.

So many people tend to get stuck in the day-to-day that they lose sight of what's really important to them. And eventually, this daily routine can leave you feeling stuck, lost and hopeless about your future.

But you can't move forward and learn how to change your life if all you do is stay stuck in that daily rut. So if you're continually wondering what you should do with your life or how to be happier, it's time to break through that mindset and change your life for the better.

Luckily, there are plenty of things to do that can help you get "unstuck", shake up your daily routine and take action toward creating the life you want.

Here are 10 things to do that will help you get "unstuck", change your life and start creating the future you really want.

1. Focus on your goals.

Every day, make time to focus on what you do want and what steps you can take to get there.

2. Put things in perspective, and look at the bigger picture.

What if you died today? What would matter and what wouldn't? What would you wish you did? Really live your life focused on what does matter and what you want.

Those on the other side are able to easily see what really mattered and what didn't. Those still on Earth can have trouble with that. Really, think about how you would feel if you died right now.

Did you get what you wanted to accomplished? Did you let day-to-day life distract you? Did you say what you wanted to say? Did you try what you always wanted to?

Did you go where you always wanted? Did you just let life pass you by?

3. Take control of your life, and create it how you want.

So many people don't realize that they can actually do this. Society has a way of making us believe that we have to do so many things that we really don't. This is your life — create it how you want to.

Life doesn't have to be this rat race of doing something you hate everyday. You can get out of that habit, but you have to choose to take the steps toward doing what you want.

4. Make a list of all the things that are important to you, and start making them a priority.

If you don't make what you want a priority, life will pass you by and you will never get there. It's up to you and only you. Nothing will ever just drop onto your lap; you need to make it happen.

5. Say the things you want to those you love every day.

Don't ever let anything go unsaid that you will regret if one of you crosses over.

6. Schedule it.

If you don't schedule it, no matter what "it" is, it won't happen! Make time for what's important.

7. Do something different.

Do anything different to get your creative juices flowing, even if it doesn't seem to have anything to do with changing your life or what you want.

Sometimes, just a little change can help you get out of that stuckness and help you see what the next step is more clearly.

8. Focus on one step at a time.

Thinking about the whole long way to your final goal at once will only overwhelm you, so start small. There is always at least one small step you can take toward what you want. Begin there, and the momentum will guide you to the next step and then the next.

You can't always be able see the whole way of how to get there when you start, but you can see the next step. Take small, manageable steps if you feel overwhelmed or stuck, but the key is to do something.

9. Don't allow anything to stop you from reaching your goal.

As you change your vibration and get close to a goal, resistance will always show up. That resistance says you're getting close to achievement. That resistance will include drama, things breaking, changing your mind about if you really want the goal, telling yourself you've done so well and can take a break, etc.

So many people stop at that point, thinking it's not meant to be. The key to remember is that resistance actually means you are close to that life goal and you have to keep going.

As you change your vibration to match a goal, you end up in between vibrations for a little while, which is uncomfortable and causes that resistance. The only way to push through that is to keep taking action to get where you want to be. The bigger and more action you take, the sooner you can break through the hard part.

10. Follow through with new action.

The only way to get something different in your life is to start doing something different. If you have to take small steps, do that — but do something. Don't let your life slip away without doing what you really want!

Figure out what is most important to you, and start focusing on it. Today, not tomorrow.

When you put things off, they are unlikely to ever happen. You never know how many days you have left, so make the most of each one. This is your life; what do you want it to be?

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10 Reasons Why Sacrificing Yourself Isn't Noble

1. Depleting yourself only holds you back from your purpose and your highest path. It blocks you from being able to move forward.

2. Helping others from a place of lack doesn't really help them or you. Once you take care of yourself and get where you need to be, then you can help so many more people easily without depleting yourself.

3. Your kids and others around you will pick up that pattern and deplete themselves as well and it just continues on down the line. They will think that's the way it has to be. Do you want that for them?

4. Getting caught up in other people's drama only distracts you from your path. We are all responsible for our own stuff. Don't waste your energy on other people's drama then you both will be stuck. So many think that they don't have a choice and have to get sucked into the drama around them but you always have a choice, remember that!

5. You must be on solid ground first. Once you are then you can start helping those still in the water. If you aren't on solid ground first you will get dragged into the water as well.

6. We are all one so when we sacrifice ourselves we sacrifice everyone else too.

7. Anything you do out of obligation will only attract more and more obligation into your life. Getting out of that pattern is important. Remember you don't ever HAVE to do anything. Obligation keeps us from our path.

8. The goal is to get yourself to a place where you are fueled and fulfilled and living your purpose so you have extra vital force energy to give. Once you are fulfilled you can help so many others easily without sacrificing yourself and can make a bigger impact.

9. You cannot be your true self if you are sacrificing a part of you. We are whole beings and when one part of us is sacrificed it sacrifices the rest of us too.

10. You deserve to experience your full self while on earth, that's why we are here. When you give that up you can't fully do what you came here for and you will have to try again in your next life.

Please nurture yourself first. You need that oxygen mask on yourself first before your child or you both will be in trouble. You are a divine being, treat yourself that way!

If you want to know your purpose so you can start living it or would like to get out of this or any pattern I highly recommend a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing. I can help you get back on your path! The full description of what it can do for you is here:

Trusting Your Intuition

How many times have you got a feeling about something and ignored it only to kick yourself for not listening? Everyone has intuition but most people don't trust or listen to it. Once you really start to trust and listen to it, it will grow and grow.


I know you may think to yourself. “How do I know if that's just my mind playing tricks on me?” The key is the more you use and listen to your intuition the clearer it will get. Think about those times when you wished you had listened how did it feel when it came to you?


Our higher self and our spirit guides are always sending us messages and clues but you must make a point to pay attention. Start really paying attention and looking deeper and you will be amazed with what you can do.


Trust that you have so many answers within you and start really listening! Frequent meditation is also very helpful to open up your intuition. Meditation helps to get rid of unnecessary and racing thoughts and helps the messages come in clearer plus so many other benefits.


When you hear that voice inside you, listen to it and pay attention to how it feels. You have so much more power and answers inside you than you realize. Start opening up to it and see the difference it makes in your life.


I want to see you grow and prosper and stay on the right path for you! We all have all the power in our lives, nothing just happens to us. Our choices whether in this life or a past life lead us to this very moment. The good news is if you aren't happy with where you are there is always at least one choice and action you can take to get closer to where you want to be. Those choices may not be easy so that can stop some but those choices are your path to having the life you want and abundance in all areas. Just one small choice at a time can lead you to where you want to be.


Remember we are always in control of our lives, no one else, no matter how far away it may seem from that in the moment. Everyone has the opportunity to go on their highest path possible in this lifetime but you must choose to take it and use all the tools available to you. Your intuition is one of your most valuable tools so don't ignore it!


You have so much inside of you that you can unlock to help you! Are you ready to turn that key and start listening?


A Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing can also help with your intuition and to find and clear the choices you are making that are holding you back plus so many other things. The full description is here:

Tips to get on your highest path and live your best life!

  Before we come to earth we choose things we would like to learn and the karma we would like to settle from past lives. Once we get here we have free will so it is ultimately up to us to follow through and do that. Our spirit guides do their best to help guide us and keep us on the path we chose before earth. Our spirit guides are always giving us signs and nudges towards our highest path for this life but it is up to us to listen. For instance maybe you try to do something that's not right for you and first you will get a tiny nudge to tell you that's not right. If you don't listen to the nudge and keep trying, it turns into a rock then a boulder then a brick wall. That is your spirit guide trying to tell you that's not right for you.


  Everything that happens to us is because of our choices whether in this life or a past life. Nothing ever just happens to us. Once we realize that, we can start to see that we truly have control and can choose to make our lives exactly what we want.


 There are many different paths we can choose to take in our lives but if we listen and pay attention then we can take our highest path. We are all meant to be abundant and happy but it's up to us to take the action towards it. It may not be easy but there is always at least one choice we can make and action we can take to get on a better path.


   Remember that your life is completely in your control no matter how much it may feel otherwise! Here are some tips to getting on your highest path available:


  • Listen to your inner self and center yourself as much as possible. Our inner self is always helping us out we just need to make a point to listen!  Meditation is very helpful with that.


  • Take the time to pay attention to those signs, don't ignore them! There is always a deeper meaning in everything so take the time to look deeper.


  • The intention behind everything you do is very important. Really look deep at the intent behind what you are doing. Are you doing it to get back at someone? Are you doing it to stroke your ego?


  • Pay attention to the lessons that show up in your life. There is always at least one lesson showing up for you to learn and grow from at any point in your life. If you can see it and learn it the first time it will prevent it from showing up in your life over and over. When it has to repeat over and over it usually comes in the form if a harder struggle each time to get you to notice.


  • Set intentions for what you want in your life. If you don't set intentions often it's like you're going through life aimlessly waiting for something to happen. Our spirit guides want to help us create the life we want but if we aren't clear with our intentions they can't help us with it. Also the more intentions you set and prayers you send out, the stronger our prayer and intention signal becomes which makes it easier and easier for them to come to fruition and are taken more seriously. If we don't make clear what we want it can't happen.


  • Always think about what you do want not what you don't want. If you focus on what you don't want you are giving it energy and more of that will show up in your life. Our thoughts create and show the universe what we want. If we focus on things we don't want we are going to make it happen over and over. Really pay attention to what you think about and talk about. Don't give what or who you don't want any energy. When something happens that you do want celebrate it and maybe do a little dance or something and show the universe that you want more of that! Take time out to say thank you for what you do want! Make it clear that you want more of it in your life!


  • It's a good practice to write down at least 5 things you are grateful for a day. That shows the universe you are grateful for what you have and opens it up for more to come into your life. For those of you that think you don't have anything to be grateful for there is ALWAYS something a roof over your head, hot water, water, food, legs, arms, vision, hearing etc. The more you focus on being grateful for what you do have the better.


  • In order to get what you want you have to take action towards it. Nothing will just happen you must take physical action towards it. This can be scary sometimes but it's always worth it. So many people think over and over about something they want but never take the steps to actually get it. Don't let fear stop you from creating the life you want! It is NEVER too late!


  • Enjoy yourself! We are here to experience ourselves in the physical form make it an enjoyable experience! So many people worry too much and take things too seriously. One of the most common things I hear from spirits is that they wish they didn't worry as much and that they enjoyed themselves more.


  • Stay in the present moment. So many people let things pass by without fully experiencing it. Be present in each moment.


  • Don't stay anywhere longer than is good for you out of guilt or for any reason. This includes relationships jobs etc. It's important for your Soul to learn and move on and to not get stuck in a pattern that is not good for you. There is always a better choice. It may not always be easy but it's worth it.


  • Don't ever bother with revenge or punishing someone for wrong doing. Karma will take care of it and if we seek revenge we only add to our karma.


  • Love yourself and know that you deserve the best! Let go of any guilt or insecurities. Don't let the past hold you back. Release yourself from that chain so you can move forward.


  • Always be yourself. Changing who you are for someone else will never allow you to move forward.


Choose your highest path available to you and experience your life the way you want to in the best possible way for you! If you feel you need some more guidance towards that I can't help you pick the best kind of reading for you! My goal is to help everyone to get on the highest path available for them!


  If you feel stuck and feel like there are blocks in your way I recommend a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing to get to the bottom of it. In order for us to pick our highest path we must choose things that go with who we are at soul level. Those that are misaligned may be far away from who they are at soul level which will cause many issues in their life. In a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing you will find out who you are at soul level, your gifts and what is best for you, clear any blocks and restrictions in your way  plus so much more. The full description of a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing is on my website on the get a reading page.


If you'd like to just ask your spirit guide advice a general reading would be good for that.


All the reading choices and descriptions are on my website on the get a reading page.


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When Our Loved Ones Cross Over

Those that cross over are more of themselves than they were on earth, not less. They leave their body behind but the rest of them stays intact. When one crosses over for the most part it is a joyous event for them often compared to a graduation. They have worked hard and finally achieved their goal so they can go home. They have finished that particular journey on earth and can leave their heavy body and pain behind. 

Our souls do not want to be on earth any longer than we need to. We come to earth to learn and grow and experience ourselves in a way that we can't on the other side. On the other side our oneness with everyone is much more prevalent so in order to experience ourselves on a different level we go into separate bodies. This way we can differentiate ourselves from everyone else. We learn about who we are compared to everyone else. This is a tool that helps us to grow and experience our true soul even more. 

Earth can be hard with physical pain and karma etc. but once we cross over it's a peaceful release. When we are sad and hurt that a loved one has crossed over it can hold them back and cause them guilt. Here they finally are home and free but watching those on earth hurt and broken because they crossed over can be hard for them to deal with. 

I know it's easier said than done but try to celebrate their life and the good times you had with them. Nothing is ever promised so be thankful for the moments you did have with them no matter how short. Focus on the good memories and remember them that way, not on how they died. They are so much more than the one day they died. 

They want you to be happy and to move forward with your life. In so many readings I have often heard them explain it that they left for vacation early and that the rest of their loved ones will catch up with them later. 

Most spirits seem to spend more time with their loved ones after they cross over then was possible while on earth. So they are actually with us even more and have not left us at all. They can hear and see everything. Whenever you talk to them or think about them they immediately get the message almost like a text. 

They want so much for their loved ones to be happy not to stay stuck or sad because they graduated and got to go home. They want you to thrive and create wonderful new memories that they can watch and smile about. 

Just remember that you absolutely will see them again and the separation is only temporary. Once you reunite again it will be like no time has passed. Create new happy times for them to look down on and celebrate with you not guilt or sadness. They finished their journey but don't let that stop you from finishing yours. 

They are with you when you need them. I know it can be so hard to deal with loss with only a vague earthly perspective but for them going home is a beautiful and blissful time. They have it easier because they can still see and hear everything. They long to be with their loved ones again and will continue to watch your journey on earth unfold. Make it a happy one for them to watch! 

They do get frustrated and try so hard to communicate but most on earth miss the signs. Pay attention deeper and you will start to see the signs they are desperately trying to send you. Make the most of your life and know they are still with you. Earth is only temporary and we will eventually return home to see them and when we do it will be like no time has passed. 

There is so much to convey about the other side that can't fill one blog post but bit by bit I will share with you what I have learned from and about the otherside over the years.